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"Simple Simons" Simple Guide to Building a Container Home

Chapter 14- Tiling & Painting Shipping container home

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Table of Contents.
Chapter 1:
Buying the shipping container “Ideal buying strategy"
Chapter 2.
“what will it all cost?”
Chapter 3.
“Tell the bank “SHOW ME THE MONEY”
Chapter 4.
Council Approvals
“do you need a building permit?”
Chapter 5.
Site Preparation
“Old School Basics"
Chapter 6.
“Go Ahead! MAKE MY DAY"
Chapter 7.
Plumbing and Electrical
“Out of the box ideas"
Chapter 8.
External Cladding
“Give it the WOW Factor”
Chapter 9.
Insulation to the walls
“Hot is Not the best"
Chapter 10.
Internal Lining
“Make it a home"
Chapter 11.
Doors and Fittings
“Separate the rooms"
Chapter 12.
“Window and doors architraves"
Chapter 13.
PC Items
“Kitchens,sinks and vanity units"
Chapter 14.
Tiling and Painting
"The Big Finish”
Chapter 15.
Final Inspections
“Clean up and lay the carpet"

TILING & PAINTING - The big finish


“You can now tile the kitchen splash back, shower and bath room areas.

shipping container

Want to try your hand at tiling your bathroom or kitchen? Before you begin, here are some handy trade tiling tips to help you master a perfectly tiled wall.

  • Before you start your surface should be dry, clean and smooth. If you’re tiling in a wet area (bathroom or around the kitchen sink), the area must be waterproofed and the area straight and flush (no protruding nails).
  • Choose the right adhesive for the space. There are many brands of adhesive and they’re all designed for specific types of tiles and tile surfaces. Cheap adhesives may decay and cause tiles to crack, so a good quality adhesive is worth spending money on.
  • Size matters for the novice DIY. Tiling with big tiles is tough, even for seasoned pros. Large tiles are heavy and are expensive to replace if mistakes are made, so DIY novices should stick to tiles no bigger than 300 x 300mm.
  • Draw up a plan of your floor/wall/splash back and map out where your tiles will go. Spending the time to mark out square lines, and doing a dry lay will pay dividends on the entire job.
  • Tiles that are placed unevenly may create an uneven joint or ‘lip’ which could be a trip hazard. There’s a new product called the Simple Accurate Levelling System (SALS) which is perfect for precision tiling. It can help DIY’s achieve a flat finish with minimal lippage.
  • Wait at least 24 hours after laying before grouting and protect the tiles from any water or weather by covering them with old clean sheets. Don’t grout where walls meet floors or where two walls meet, instead apply silicone when the surrounding grouted area is dry

Plumbing & Electrical fit off


Once all your bathroom tiling is completed then it’s time for the plumbing & electrical fit off. This is the stage where you start seeing your bathroom really taking shape.  To be prepared for this stage you’ll need to have all your fittings on site ready to go. These include

  • Toilets
  • Taps
  • Baths
  • Light fittings
  • Exhaust fans
  • Heated towel rails
  • All other items for the plumber/electrician
shipping container floor plans

shipping container floor plans

Simon Say’s


Warranty Cards & Technical Information

Once the tradesmen have completed their installations, check all the boxes that your fixtures came with to make sure that any warranty cards or technical info are still there.

It’s a good idea to keep these – preferably saved into your job filing system so that you can call upon the information at a later date if any warranty issues occur.

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