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Chapter 10- Internal Linning Shipping container home

shipping container modifications
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Chapter 1:
Buying the shipping container “Ideal buying strategy"
Chapter 2.
“what will it all cost?”
Chapter 3.
“Tell the bank “SHOW ME THE MONEY”
Chapter 4.
Council Approvals
“do you need a building permit?”
Chapter 5.
Site Preparation
“Old School Basics"
Chapter 6.
“Go Ahead! MAKE MY DAY"
Chapter 7.
Plumbing and Electrical
“Out of the box ideas"
Chapter 8.
External Cladding
“Give it the WOW Factor”
Chapter 9.
Insulation to the walls
“Hot is Not the best"
Chapter 10.
Internal Lining
“Make it a home"
Chapter 11.
Doors and Fittings
“Separate the rooms"
Chapter 12.
“Window and doors architraves"
Chapter 13.
PC Items
“Kitchens,sinks and vanity units"
Chapter 14.
Tiling and Painting
"The Big Finish”
Chapter 15.
Final Inspections
“Clean up and lay the carpet"

Shipping Container Wall Lining

Make it a home

After the council have approved the wall frames you can now add your internal wall linings.

shipping container

The internal linings really make a difference to a container home.

Commonly plasterboard is used to line the walls of residential homes and units. Plasterboard is a very heavy product and will take two people to hold and fix the sheets into place with a combination of glue and nails. The plasterboard is attached directly to the inside of stud (timber or steel).

The smooth plaster finish make it a home not just a metal box

The Internal Wall Lining process:

  1. Fix Bath and shower trays in position
  2. Plumber to connect bath and shower trays, check flashings to wet areas and windows
  3. Fix all gyprock linings to ceiling and walls, fix all villa board to wet areas
  4. Fix all gyprock and villa board joints and sand back
  5. Fix gyprock cornice

Bath and shower fitting

To create a bathroom that’s perfect from top to bottom, choose shower fittings that suit your lifestyle and your design scheme. There are a range of shower heads and tap fittings which will bring both functionality and style to your bathroom. Whether you’re tempted by a contemporary, square-shaped shower head or partial to the classic, circular designs, you’ll be sure to find one to suit your unique taste.

shipping container floor plans

Bath and shower trays must be fitted before any lining can be fixed to the walls

shipping container floor plans

Simon Say’s

Bath and shower trays must be fitted before any lining can be fixed to the walls

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